Banjar Red Arowana Fish


We are breed and export Banjar red arowana fish with CITES permit. We also breed freshwater stingrays, freshwater Tropicana fishes. We are ISO 9001 & 14001 certified company. Our commitment to quality & environment is your guarantee to satisfaction. Banjar Red Arowana is similar to the Yellow Tail or Green Arowana, the tail is rounded red in color and the scale is metallic green in color. This is the most affordable Arowana as the price is affordable and the color is very much attractive. Hobbyists usually name her as Grade 2 Red or 1.5 Red.


Arowana Fish For Sale Online

Banjar Red Arowana fish, Scleropages Formosus is like the Yellow Tail or Green Arowana, the tail is adjusted red in shading and the scale is metallic green in shading. This is the most reasonable Arowana as the value is moderate and the shading is particularly appealing. The reason many people get carried away with this species is because they are very playful.

Banjar Red Arowana is also one of the popular fish known in the world cos many people who love it. We have Red Arowana for sale with a different type in nature but this one is so special. Delivery with Banjar Red Arowana is very swift especially to customers around Europe. Our farm is always open for customers to visit so if you have any issue just make sure you contact us either by email or online chat.

Tank Requirements for Banjar Red Arowana

Their tank should be placed in low busy time gridlock regions to shield the Arowana from getting frightened by unforeseen advancements. Sudden improvements around their aquarium should be avoided. Lighting should in a perfect world be lessened instead of out of the blue, turning it on or off. A startled or upset Arowana can without a doubt hurt itself.

Asian Arowana varieties consolidate Cross Back Golden, Super Red, Red Tail, Golden, and Green Arowana. The Cross Back Golden Asian Arowana starts in West Malaysia. These are in the most elevated enthusiasm, as it is acknowledged they bring extra good karma.

Other requirements for Asian Arowana fish for sale

Typical Tank setup: A lot of swimming space is necessary. Decorate with rock work, bogwood/driftwood and sturdy plants. An agitated Asian Arowana may uproot plants with poor root systems.

Recommended Minimum Aquarium Capacity. 55 gallon / 220 litre for juveniles, but a fully grown adult will need an aquarium that is 250 gallon / 1000 litre or larger.

Compatibility: 6 or more juveniles can be kept together, but 10 or more is better. The same with adults, but this is a gamble as some adults do not tolerate others of their own kind well. Beside keeping them in schools they should be kept with peaceful to moderately aggressive fish that cannot be eaten and that will not harass the Arowana.

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