Cross Back Golden Arowana


Cross Back Golden Arowana has good quality Cross Back Golden scales that are reflective, glittering, large, distinctive, and neat. They gain more colorization as they grow to adulthood. Cross back golden Asian arowana grow up to 90 centimeters (35 inches). It’s just the best you will always love to have and with a moderate price. The Asian Arowana is a kind of freshwater fish that is found in Southeast Asia, where they live in slow-moving waters, waterways, and streams.

Cross Back Golden Arowana For Sale

Cross Back Golden Arowana, Cross Back Arowana is a natural colorant variant that is originated from the Bukit Merah Lake in Perak, Malaysia.  The Cross Back Arowana is the most beautiful golden color variants of the Asian Arowana.  And in the lake, different populations in the smaller tributaries have its own subtle difference compared to other populations. Like all Cross Back Arowana the gold rims on the scales reach only the 4 th rows of scales when young but will spread towards the back until it reach the 6 th level upon maturity.

Thus, its name “Cross Back” means “Golden coloration crossing over the back”. The Full Gold Arowana has gold based core and a gold rim on the outer edge.  Good specimen will appear as a solid piece of gold when is fully matured. Traits of a Full Gold Arowana are lighter color fins and eyes as compared to the other varieties of Cross Back Arowana.  All Cross Back Gold Arowana are graded according to how fast the gold rims of the scales reach the 6 th rows scales.

What makes Golden Crossback Arowana Special

Golden Crossback Arowana is by far one of the most highly sought after arowana breed due to its brilliant gold color metallic sheen that shines when viewed under full-spectrum aquarium lighting. The fish is a favorite crossback species popular among arowana fanatics and because of its unique feature that projects an awesome display of coloration; no doubt it commands one of the highest selling price. The breed is graded according to its color intensity and what makes the crossback special is the line of golden scales that actually runs until the end of its body crossing the upper topmost scale (also called the 6th scale).

Golden crossback is actually an Asian variety of the arowana fish. Apart from the yellow gold color base, there is also the blue and also the green based of the crossback variety developed by experienced fish breeders. These days, with extensive cross breeding program undertaken by hobbyist, there is even a special variety which is called the 24K fully golden colored arowana. What makes this one truly remarkable is the absolute gold coloration covering the whole of its body and a quick glance would actually have you thinking on whether the fish was actually been painted gold. The variety first made its appearance couple of years ago in Malaysia and Singapore and today, it is one of the top high quality fish that could easily fetch few thousands dollars, sometimes even more.

Gold Arowana

Dragons are also thought to be immortal and possess invincible powers that will protect its owner against evil or any bad incidents. However, as a endangered species, Arowana has to be reared and sold under permits. There are different types of Golden Arowana, Golden Crossback Arowana and Red Tail Golden Arowana. However, the Golden Crossback Arowana is more popular. The Cross Back Golden Arowana will have a brilliant golden color that intersects at its back when the fish matures. The Golden Crossback Arowana is one of the most expensive of the Arowana fishes as their golden scales are very nice and looks like a gold plate.

Another variety of the golden fish is the red-tailed golden arowana. Although somehow it is considered a lower grade specimen commanding a fraction of the price you would pay for a crossback, nevertheless they still share the same level of attention enjoyed by all arowana hobbyist. Unlike the crossback, the red tail only has golden scales showing on the 4th and 5th level and hardly goes above the 6th level and you can see the tail fins appearing slightly reddish.

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