Fire Red Seahorse


The best seahorse you will ever own. All the personality  and hardiness of the Mustang with all the color of the most stunning red fish you have ever seen. We recommend this seahorse for experienced seahorse keepers that have a large  OR dedicated  seahorse tank. Not only are we helping to save the seahorse from extinction and the oceans they live in, but we offer you the opportunity to help by choosing farm-raised fish over wild caught fish whenever possible.

Weight 3.5 lbs

Fire Red Seahorse For sale

Fire Red Seahorse, Seahorses will live for 5 to 6, so if you want to keep them this long follow our recommendations above and remember your new pets like plenty of bright thick hitching posts, are vertically oriented animals, and do better in groups, so feel free to put several seahorses together in the same tank. Although our seahorses do pair pond, they can be very gregarious and will court and mate with others, which means you will have the opportunity to witness their magnificent mating dance frequently.

Acclimation and Care Procedures For Fire Red Seahorses

Check that Basic Water Quality Parameters are Within an Acceptable Range

  • Temperature: 68F – 82F (Optimum temperature 75 – 78F)
  • Ammonia 0, Nitrites 0
  • Nitrates 1-10 ppm
  • PH 8.2 – 8.4
  • Specific gravity 1.022 – 1.025

Seahorses Are Pre-Trained to Feed on Frozen Mysis Shrimp from Piscine Energetics Enhanced With Vibrance 2. All our seahorses are pre-trained to feed on frozen mysis shrimp from Piscine Energetics enhanced with Vibrance II.


The male is the only creature where the male has a true reversed pregnancy. The female transfers her eggs to the male which he self-fertilises in his pouch. The number of eggs can vary from 50-150 for smaller species to 1500 for larger species.

They receive everything they need in the pouch from oxygen to food. Gestation time varies from 14 days to 4 weeks. Giving birth can be a long process with contractions lasting up to 12 hours

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