Hippocampus Abdominalis Pot-Belly Pair


Cold Water pot bellies are ready to travel to cold water tanks only. Hippocampus abdominalis are all hand raised here at Seahorse farm and are all trained to eat frozen  Hikari mysis shrimp.

Weight 4 lbs

Hippocampus Abdominalis Pot-Belly Pair

Hippocampus Abdominalis Pot-Belly Pair, All our seahorse for sale are farm-Raised “Live” on our farm in Denmark. We follow strict good farming practices in raising seahorses and other aquatic life. We now captively breed dozens of seahorse species which are now on display in our aquarium room and which we sell to hobbyists and aquariums worldwide.

Not only are we helping to save the seahorse from extinction and the oceans they live in, but we offer you the opportunity to help by choosing farm-raised fish over wild caught fish whenever possible.

Zulu Lulus Seahorse (Hippocampus Capensis)

I am new to the hobby of marine aquariums and I am fascinated with seahorses. I would like to set up a 10-gallon species tank with a pair or two of seahorses. Which seahorses are easier to maintain? Are there any that would be suitable for a beginner? Compared to their wild-caught counterparts, virtually all captive-bred seahorses are very hardy, disease-resistant animals that are relatively easy to keep, but there are three types that are perhaps best-suited for beginners–Pixies, Zulu-lulus, and Mustangs. Which one is best for you depends largely on whether you like miniature, medium, or giant seahorses, whether you are primarily interested in breeding and raising the babies or just keeping them healthy and happy, and whether you mind hatching lots of brine shrimp every day or would rather keep seahorses that are trained to eat frozen foods as their everyday diet.


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