Lennardi Wrasse


he Lennardi Wrasse (Anampses lennardi) is one of the most impressive fish in the aquarium trade. With bright blue patterns running down the length of its body, this fish will be a spectacular addition to any aquarium. As this wrasse is in the Anampses genus, it will require sand in your aquarium. This fish is reef-safe and will thrive under normal reef conditions. Please contact the team at Among The Reef if you have any questions on if this may be the right fish for you!

Lennardi Wrasse – Anampses lennardi For Sale

Lennardi Wrasse, the blue and yellow wrasse, Anampses lennardi, is an exceptional species of reef fish that stands out in a family of many beautiful, colorful fish. Also known as Lennard’s wrasse, A. lennardi is an Australian reef fish that was all but unknown in the aquarium hobby up until a few years ago. It is only within the last six months that the species became imported in appreciable numbers for the aquarium trade in the United States. What makes A. lennardi unique is not just its novelty to aquarium hobbyist, but an amazing coloration that changes dramatically as the fish grows.

Lennard’s wrasse becomes increasingly colorful as it matures with adults becoming a stunning blue and yellow that challenges the beauty of the related and highly sought-after femininus wrasse, Anampses femininus. The Anampses genus includes many beautiful but touchy reef species with a track record of being challenging in captivity. If some basic care requirements are met, Lennard’s wrasse is actually one of the more suitable species of Anampses wrasses for the captive aquarium.

Anampses Lennardi

The blue and yellow wrasse is an Australian endemic reef fish that is only found on the northwest coast of the island continent. More specifically, A. lennardi ranges from Exmouth to Point Samson in Western Australia, but it is most often documented from the Dampier Archipelago. Although the marine aquarium hobby has had access to iconic Australian reef fish like Harlequin tusks, personifer and scribbled angelfish and the sensational Cirrhiblabrus lineatus for many years, these species are collected from eastern Australia and the nearby Coral Sea, thousands of miles away from where the blue and yellow wrasse is naturally found. Before Australia began to export stony corals, it was not commercially viable for a fish collector to travel to the other side of the continent to collect any fish there for the aquarium trade.

Anampses lennardi begins life as a muted minnow with a color and pattern generally approximating that of the juvenile pattern of other Anampses species. Juvenile A. lennardi are black with a yellow dorsal fin and fine white spots on the face and thin white stripes on the flank of the body. In between a length of two and three inches (5-7cm), the yellow dorsal coloration begins to suffuse the dark body coloration, and the thin white stripes widen and become bluer with increasing size. An adolescent Lennard’s wrasse is a golden brown base body coloration with four to five thick blue horizontal stripes running down the length of the body. The blue stripes are very bright on the face, a little bit irregular down the middle of the body, and they break up into blue spots on the anterior part of the body. The unpaired fins are yellow with the dorsal and **** fins being framed by one or two bright blue lines but the caudal fin is mostly solid yellow.

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