Malaysian Golden Crossback Arowana Fish


Malaysian Golden Crossback Arowana Fish, This group of fish is often (rather oddly) described as ” bony tongues” due to the bone plate with teeth which they carry in the lower portion of their mouths. The inland oceans in South America, Southeast Asia and Australia The fish are an elongated body that is covered in huge scales, and distinct pairs of barbells protruding from their upper jaw’s tip.

Malaysian Golden Crossback Arowana – Arowana Fish


The fish in this group are often (rather bizarrely) described as “bony tongues” because of the bone-like tooth located in the lower portion of their mouths. They are found in the waters of the inland regions in South America, Southeast Asia and Australia The fish are extended bodies that are covered by massive scales as well as two distinct barbells sticking out from the tip on their upper jaws.

Based on their appearance Arowanas can also be due to their appearance, they are sometimes (especially for Asian countries) for their appearance as “dragon fish” or “shui long” in Mandarin. According to folklore, they bring luck because they resemble the tradition Chinese dragon. They’re extremely predatory fish that can often be seen gracefully exploring the water’s surface.


Red Tail Golden Arowana (Scleropages Formosus)


The golden arowanas with the red tail (also called RTGs) are located in the Siak River system in Pekanbaru, Indonesia. The look is considered to be the classic for Asian arowanas. The golden arowana with the red tail is an arowana that is the most sought-after of any species of arowana.

This is not surprising, considering that it is so striking. Its deep red fins, with golden scales that cover over 50% of its body. However, RTGs differ from other arowanas due to their gorgeous shiny scales (which experts call the shine) won’t grow beyond their fourth line of scales that are located on their stomach. The scales that do not shine tend to be dull gray shade.

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