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While the arowana is generally regarded as a harmless and non-aggressive fish, the trade in a rowanas has led to some serious crime. It is believed that a Chinese Communist Party member purchased stock from an arowana breeder who had previously sold the fish to the highest-ranking official in the country. As a result, the trade in arowanas is highly competitive and dangerous.

Arowana Fish for Sale

Although they are not endangered, the Asian arowana was once a popular food in Southeast Asia, but it was not traded widely and was therefore not sought after by foreign aquarium hobbyists. CITES, the organization that protects endangered wildlife, banned the commercial trade of arowana in 1975. This led to a thriving black market and an increase in crime in some cities. One recent incident in Singapore involved four arowana thefts, including a case where a thief punched an elderly woman to steal her arowana.

The Arowana is a large fish with metallic scales. There are at least ten species of arowana, and the color of each depends on the species. The most colorful are the Asian ones, with green, blue, gold, and silver. There is even blood red arowana. And if you’re in the market for an arowana, it’s likely to be quite expensive.


A rowana is a fish of tropical and subtropical waters. This species belongs to the Osteoglossiformes order. Their unique appearance is a result of the bony lower jaw. They are sometimes known as bony tongues. A rowana grows incredibly fast, achieving full size in two years. Most species reach around three feet, but some can get much larger. They are also popular as pets.

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A rowana can be very aggressive with other fish in aquariums. So be sure to choose an aquarium with several compatible species. A rowana can be a challenge to breed with koi, but don’t worry. Pet Zone SD carries every species of legal Arowana. It can be a fun and interesting addition to your aquarium. So, if you’re wondering whether or not you should consider an arowana for your pond, consider all the factors involved and start attracting these amazing creatures to your home.

The Silver Arowana needs a large tank. A tank of sixty gallons will suffice, but this fish grows rapidly. It can grow as much as two inches a month in its first year. They are sensitive to water quality and will outgrow its tank if the conditions aren’t right. The Silver Arowana will not do well with other Silver Arowanas. They do not do well with other Silver Arowanas and do best in massive ponds.

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